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Simplify your IFRS 16 / US GAAP ASC 842 transition

Save cost & time with Artificial Intelligence solution.


Achieve IFRS 16 / US GAAP ASC 842 lease accounting standards compliance in time with AI software. 

Download our free white paper to learn how the LEVERTON Platform helps you to:

  • Collect all leases: compile global leases in more than 20 languages in one platform.

  • Extract key information: automatically extract relevant data with our AI technology. 

  • Find information faster: save up to 75% cost & time on lease review. Find the relevant information with only a few clicks.

  • Feed data into your accounting system: ensure complete and up-to-date information in your target system. Prepare your balance sheet.

Download our free white paper

Find out how to leverage AI for your lease accounting transition.
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