Gain Up to 60% Efficiency in Lease Data Abstraction


The push is on for ASC 842 and IFRS 16 compliance by year end. Consulting/accounting firms: what are you doing to help your clients prepare for new lease accounting standards? Accounting teams - what are you doing to improve data gathering accuracy and speed up your efforts?

RSM LLP is just one organization who is turning to LEVERTON's AI-driven software platform to streamline the process of lease accounting standards compliance. LEVERTON helps to extract lease data automatically and then integrates the data with existing lease accounting systems. In RSM's words, “We’re thrilled to be the first to market with capability to feed the abstracted data from LEVERTON into templates specifically designed for Lease Accelerator and AMT Direct,” said Scott Vanlandingham, principal and national leader, enterprise solutions at RSM. “This gives our clients a big boost in getting ready for the ASC 842 compliance deadlines.“

Do you want to gain 50-60% time efficiency with lease data abstraction? Do you want to integrate data with lease accounting systems automatically?
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LEVERTON Platform offers:

  • Quick and efficient data extraction service to save time and costs
  • Efficient data exploration using the hyperlink functionLEVERTON_Platform_Screens_Laptop
  • Full text search for quick navigation using OCR
  • Document management and access to a structured data repository
  • Easy integrations to existing Data Management and ERP Systems


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