Mitigate the Risks of NPL Transactions and Management with Artificial Intelligence

Non-performing loan (NPL) transactions are highly complex and involve the review of a myriad of documents, ranging from loan agreements, security requirements, title deeds, planning permits, etc.

As a result, the transaction process often consumes a considerable amount of human resource, requires dedicated management time and incurs extensive operational costs. And even then, many transactions come to the market without full knowledge of what the portfolios entail.

This often lengthy process, in addition to the lack of full disclosure of portfolio information and unacceptably wide bid-ask spreads, are often cited as the leading causes for transaction failures. 

The quality of information prepared and presented to both parties as a part of NPL due diligence process is critical to the success of any transaction. Investors are looking for information to ascertain what each portfolio entails, and sellers are seeking the ability to enhance disclosure and improve pricing. 

LEVERTON has partnered with 8G Capital Partners, to leverage their proven expertise in asset management, and combined it with its proprietary artificial Intelligence-driven platform to improve and speed up data capturing and structuring to support NPL transactions. 

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, LEVERTON’s market-leading data extraction and management platform reduces uncertainty and unlocks latent value for all transaction participants.

LEVERTON Platform offers:

  • Quick and efficient data extraction service to save time and costs
  • Efficient data exploration using the hyperlink functionLEVERTON_Platform_Screens_Laptop
  • Full text search for quick navigation using OCR
  • Document management and access to a structured data repository
  • Easy integrations to existing Data Management and ERP Systems


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